mardi 28 octobre 2014

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Construction site

, Jihyun Jung

Après les destructions, des images de bâtiments en court de destruction, l’état antérieur ou postérieur selon le point de vue auquel on se place. Car on peut choisir de voir ce qui existait avant la ruine jeune abolie ou après puisqu’en général sur cet emplacement devenu vide, on reconstruit. Cette tension est le cœur vivant de l’œuvre de Jihyun Jung.

A construction site is where the act of destroying nature collides with the act of creating a place to live. It does not exist until the apartments are completed and a functional space appears amidst high-speed urbanization. From the interiors of the structures, I was able to find a point that conflicts with the dichotomy of construction sites. Then, by interfering with the order of the functional matters and discovering their tranquil side, I tried to express this seemingly rational, objective construction site as a personal and emotional space. These images were taken while exploring the construction sites of large apartment complexes that are now complete and fully functioning as homes in Pangyo New City in Bundang, Cheongra New City in Incheon, and Shinnae Development sites in Seoul.