samedi 23 novembre 2013

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Void : field № 3

, Ann Korzhova

For a series of actions "Field" was invited a group of volunteers. Participants were asked to spontaneously to leave the city, and try to feel the space outside the city, measure, examine it – to oppose itself - the urban dweller – for open unfamiliar area.

Ann Korzhova - Void - Field № 3 from TK-21 on Vimeo.

For action "void : field number 3", it was decided to leave the city and to investigate various "demonstration" fields - the real fields for the cultivation of plants, located outside the city.
Field which placed in the horizontal plane as a three-dimensional object being researched as a two-dimensional image disposed in a vertical plane. The urban dweller was invited to feel the space through opposition to conventional "completed" urban space "empty" space of field located outside the of the city. Escape from the "non-empty" space of the city into a unified "empty" space of field is achieved by group of volunteers to reflect on the usual environment as a spatial sculptural installations which may be described by a binary pair - "emptiness-fullness."
What does it mean void of modern urban dweller ? Is it typical for a dweller of "complete" space metropolis the condition of void ?
Video "Void : field № 3" - it is a video- documentation of viewer staying in 3 rd founded field during 2 minutes and 1 second.

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