samedi 6 août 2016

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The magic of seeing the unseen.

A chance to travel and wander through an artists mind and soul.
Works of art is often looked at solely aesthetic contemplation.
but sometimes artwork is made for almost magical purposes.
the photography is mostly seen as the real image of the world.
it is a likeness of the real. and now confronted with the exhibition “unseen“ by the artist Jung A Kim. we have a chance to feel the real in a different way. she is an emerging artist with already a quite spectacular portfolio for the short time she is working as an fine art photographer.

Jung A Kim is using an old polaroid land camera, a camera which is totally manual.
the working process needs the old fashioned large format style with tripod and exposure meter.
a decelerated working process.
at the first view her polaroids of the unseen project have already an amazing charm.
a wonderful nostalgic belle takes us in a world of beauty, ferry tales and also sadness.
Jung A Kim scans the negatives of the polaroids with all the fragmented leftovers of the processing.
this gives an almost handmade visuality.
the strong materiality supports and strengthens the visual appearance of her work.
by the second view there is a sublime strong vibe showing up in the images which contains a flat minor scale. it balances the beauty.
its like a needle in the haystak. the eye which is by the daily mass of input blinded, suddenly concentrates on a clear object, a clear idea. suddenly the real becomes visible. the visitor can see the unseen.

For example we see an image of a bandaged wounded foot, we see a longing figure
in the winter landscape and we see a vulnerable female protagonist - the artist herself - showing up in the imagery combined with written poetic text fragments, written by a typewriter.
the words and the images are mingling into a symbiosis of a song. and by seeing the unseen the minor becomes more and more a mayor again.
between all the melancholy true love is suddenly visible. the love which is „beyond memory“.
the passion for love and life which is the „unseen power“ in all her images.
she writes about „the elegance of silence“ in her small book „unseen“, which is for me really hitting the point. its the best description of her work and her artistic charm and power. in a silent way - me the viewer follows the artist on her spell in photography. in an elegant way i am seduced by sadness and beauty. magic is halfway in between. together finally i might see with her eyes. i might understand a little better the beauty and sadness of life. thats what art can do. thats what Jung A Kim achieved.