dimanche 26 avril 2015

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Traveller Nonvice

, Do-Yeon Gwon

Avec Traveller Nonvice débute la découverte des séries photographiques du jeune photographe coréen, Doyeon Gwon, né en 1980 à Séoul. Dans cette série il déploie des questions existentielles en relation avec des gestes d’une précision chirurgicale et esthétique qui confèrent à ses images une puissance d’hésitation extrême entre apparition et disparition.

Before I began to understand the world through books, there was a time when I learned about it through folding pieces of paper. That I could make several shapes appear from a single sheet was a mystery. Eventually my mind reconciled with the fact that a new object could appear after the dexterous movements of hands against the soft material of paper. Books later showed me the secret that myriad worlds are born from only one. Reading a book, which leaves deep impressions, is to infinitely produce many folds. When we read, we share words and thoughts and connect them simultaneously. We continue to do this in the mist of an image that appears around the point of contact between paper and ink, object and thought.

Books can easily be distinguished as either “read” or “not read.” Only a thorough reading can create that unique fluffing of pages. My photographic works express the fact that paper and books, icons of knowledge, are merely physical entities. However, we recognize the presence of another dimension as soon as we enter their realm.