lundi 31 décembre 2018

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Solaye Nova

Shiryaevo Biennale

, Martial Verdier et Olesya Münd

Olesya Münd est une alien, une étrangère. Etrangère dans son pays, étrangère dans son corps.
Les habitants des anciennes républiques soviétiques sont atteints d’une schizophrénie identitaire. Qui sont-ils vraiment ? Que sont devenus leurs anciens grands-frères ?
Et pour vivre ce sentiment jusqu’au bout, elle forme un alien dans son ventre…


I’m from a country where the past strongly affects the present. My artworks explore the limits of identity and personality under various political and social conditions. Being born in Soviet Estonia, I live in the same place, but became a native migrant for a Mother country after it regained its independence.
The series of polyethylene dynamic sculptures with a portrait prints, photo-poem and video-performance “Metamorphosis” start a discussion of a boundary and phantasmal existence of Post-soviet people in former Soviet republics or people who feel themselves alienated from society. It depicts the conditions the people faced experiencing confinement, prohibition and rejection in the country of residence.

Who are these people now — immigrants, invaders, aliens ?
Apparently, they do not have a future and an opportunity for a rescue, but they may become a soil for a new generation which is more flexible to changes. Derivatives from aliens will be people-hybrids, which could combine both worlds. It could be the move to a new stage of the evolution of transformation and reincarnation from the caterpillar into a butterfly.
Being on 9 months of my pregnancy, I am ready to pupate for giving the world a "different" person.

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Olesya Mund
photo Martial Verdier in Shiryaevo Biennale