mercredi 14 mars 2012

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Slow decay

, Gohar Dashti

La série Slow Decay de Gohar Dashti est actuellement présentée à la Galerie White Project, 24, rue Saint-Claude à Paris. L’artiste y met en scène des personnages évoluant dans un contexte domestique ordinaire. Un liquide rouge, du sang, vient cependant perturber l’apparente quiétude des protagonistes.

Today as much as our lives have been disassociated from its surrounding environment, yet it is directly influenced by it.

The shots have captured the cruel moments of misery and fatigue, though are not expressive of a certain event in time or place. They explore the depths of the collective memory of a people who have, for generations, suffered silently and tolerated much torment. The agony of which little by little has enwrapped their souls, much like a disease with which bit by bit disintegrates their body.

These pictures tell a tale of what is still left inside to say. Tales of which, others have no interest to listen to.