mardi 30 juillet 2013

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Promised Land

, J-huhn Bahk

Sometimes, house means family or home. And also it is connected with nostalgia. This is an element of house or becomes a house itself.

Memory as an element of house does not stay in personnal dimension. The memory out of the pesonal dimension becomes history and culture, and house as memory belonging to community of same history and culture becomes a type of collective memory.

What is house in Korean’s conscious mind ? By education,mass media and adverstisement, house of agrarian society is set to original ground for the present and unforgotten space that we want to go back some day. The process of expansive reproduction is required to continue the implanted setting. Caused by rapid industrialization and urbanization, archetype, the house built on idea is dressed in stage costume called pseudo-reality.

The house on stage without actual function ais just a monument. Its role is to convert memory implanted by various routes into actual memory from personal experience and continue the memory. A thatched-roof house in a small village is just a house that is not received the the benefit of urbanization and development. The house is not an ideal house, because it has no influences on us. Stuffed house on stage shut off from daily life is qualified to become an ideal house.

But the isolated would notbe the ideal house in memory. It is us who can’t open the door of the house blocked by off limits-sign board.