vendredi 30 août 2013

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Modulor 2013

, Damien Valero

« Modulor » is an interactive sound video installation that will be
projected onto the facade and the inside space of Riff Art Projects at
48, rue Chapon, Paris 3rd arrondissement.

Damien Valero -Modulor 2013 from TK-21 on Vimeo.

It shows a woman’s silhouette in motion on the facade, and with her changing positions, her body is invaded by fragments of the architecture of the 3rd arrondissement. Her body becomes an architectural texture.

Motion captors register the silhouettes of the spectators which are then projected in miniature onto the inner walls of the gallery. The spectator inscribes his body and movement in the living memory of the city.

The sihouettes also make measuring gestures. A body, projected in different sizes, is a measuring unit as it has been shown in art history with the Vitruvian Man by Leonardo da Vinci or Modulor by Le Corbusier. Lionel Dax

Anja Valero