mercredi 26 septembre 2018

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Corridor Elephant

Francesco D’Alonzo

Corridor Eléphant

, Corridor Eléphant et Francesco D’Alonzo

It is wonderful to walk down the street, in the countryside, in the city, and try to understand and experience the dynamics and the stories of the people you meet. This is my "photographic philosophy" to plunge and get lost in the diversity of the world ; walking and walking, observing, in silence, or interacting with the people we meet, new realities are known, new stories and, the camera, photography is my tool available to make these stories mine and to show them to the public.

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Francesco D’Alonzo was born in Pescara on 20 September 1981. He began to photograph at the beginning of the second half of the 2000s, mainly landscapes inspired by love for nature and biodiversity. Over the years 2008-2011, the collaboration with the website has been carried out for the creation of a page devoted to travel photography and on the enhancement of Abruzzo’s territory. He began to deepen his photography, and in these years, he attended an advanced Reportage course in Rome at Photographic Offices, winning a special photo contest "Roma in a click" always at the Roman school in the same year. The human factor, investigating urban spaces, geometries, and forms of life within them are fundamental and fundamental themes of photographic evolution. This research brings him to participate in several international exhibitions (exhibition at Blank Wall Gallery in Athens) publications on several international street and black & white photograher magazines (Corridor Elephant, Paris, Apf Magazine Street Photography), entering 2017 within the "Exhibit Around" (Urban and Human Empathy) with exhibitions around Europe. To date, his photographic research, which is expressed through b & w images, concerns the study of urban spaces and its inhabitants, ranging from street to social reportage.