mardi 18 octobre 2011

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Meggie Schneider


China 2003 Video installation / 5 min

, Meggie Schneider

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The images were taken in September 2002 in Guangzhou (Canton) : A woman waters trees, bushes and plants. Loops and jump cuts insist on the symbolic order of her movements, which are indeed functionally motivated, but that seem closer to a secret, ritual choreography.

Chinatown-VTS 07 1 from TK-21 on Vimeo.

The distance of this view to her finds its correspondence in the spatial conditions of the installation and is at the same time the structuring principle of the scene : The space surrounding her is broken, every shot forms a new backdrop, the film clip is nothing less than the border of the subjective experience of space, which the location can not grasp as a unity - too disparate in the architectonic figures ; the individual constructions in conflict with other over competing demands, an insignificant turn of the head determines whether the view can establish a perspective or if it will be irritated by a skyscraper in provisional dimensions.

Within the polished backdrop of the sprawling metropolis, the women watering her plants is a point of reference, her gestures, however, are no less complex superficial phenomena. The installation produces for the viewer the same conflicts and virtualities that determine the film scene.

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