vendredi 28 novembre 2014

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Building yard

A series of video-landscapes

, Ann Korzhova

A series of video landscapes represents the documentation of working process of building equipment on site. The Picture on video is blurred - as sfumato effect in the video - and we could see only the vague outlines of waltzing excavator, flashing lights on the building wagons, and smooth movements of machine for drilling. It is small industrial ballet.

In contemporary Russia is now very much "construction." This everywhere building - building yards and foundation pits all over the country, and already completed constructed objects – it is a reaction to existing reality : social, political, ethical and cultural. All this expresses the spirit of the time. City – could be interpreted as a spatial installation, the form of which becomes a consequence of the processes taking place in it. The functionality follows the local socio-cultural needs.
And if we can say that every architectural trend was a reflection of the era, it can be said that modern architectural objects (any - typical, or spontaneous, as well as “building yards” themselves), as well as art objects are not only a part of reality, environment. Also it is a product of understanding of the local community and understanding of the local actual and socially important ideas and values​​.