lundi 31 mai 2021

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Corridor Elephant

About Her

My wife, Anca, as a muse

, Alex Conu et Corridor Eléphant

I choose to do my personal work in analog format and mostly on Polaroid.

I don’t do it because of nostalgia. Nostalgia is a feeling almost totally foreign to me. I believe I do it for the tangibility and materiality of the Polaroid. Taking a Polaroid photo begins at the moment I open the pack of film. The smell of the chemicals starts my creative process even before inserting the film pack in the camera. And I don’t even know when the process stops or if it stops, as the Polaroid is a living medium, changing with time.
My Polaroid photography is a series of controlled mistakes, a mix of competence and naïveté.

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Alex Conu is a Romanian photographer, now living and working in Oslo, Norway.
Alex loves experiment in photography like Polaroids, pinhole or strange and unusual cameras.