Dominique Mérigard

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Friday 26 September 2014

Images from the other memory

With "Premisses" by Dominique Mérigard we are being presented with a book of personal, intimate, family pictures. We are deeply troubled by them, not so much in relation with the topic, i.e. his daughter and some of her friends, along the first fifteen years of her life, as with the very quest that those pictures testify of. What he is looking for, hunting down is the impossible picture, the ever missing one, the one that, if it could exist, would abolish all others, the one that, if it happened to appear, would satisfy the look with a fulfilment beyond compare.

by Dominique Mérigard et Jean-Louis Poitevin

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mardi 27 mai 2014

Images de l’autre mémoire

Dominique Mérigard nous offre avec Prémisses, un livre d’images personnelles, familiales, intimes, qui nous plongent cependant dans un trouble qui n’est pas tant lié au sujet, sa fille, et quelques-unes de ses amies, durant les quinze premières années de sa vie, qu’à la quête même dont ces images témoignent.

par Dominique Mérigard et Jean-Louis Poitevin

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